Parceria Fertil

We have been working every day since 2011 to deliver the best charcoal, firewood and briquette solutions and several different lighting products. Our products are prepared with high-quality wood harvested from forests and according to the most demanding requirements of applicable European standards. At Parceria Fértil, we believe that only thus are we able to offer products that deliver high thermal efficiency, suited for the intended purpose: whether it be firewood for your fireplace or coal for your next barbecue.


Find out more about our range of products: from cork oak and holm oak firewood, charcoal made from high-quality wood and charcoal briquettes, to our exclusive product that combines charcoal and briquettes, Turbogrill. We offer several solutions for fireplaces and barbecues and we are also available to find new solutions and design new products with you. 

Parceria Fertil - Charcoal, Firewood and Briquette

Why choose us?



We design exclusive products, such as Turbogrill and Smokeless Coal, striving to continuously innovate and deliver differentiating products.



Our products are made from high-quality wood to ensure top performance and maximum durability.



We delivery ready-for-market products, with fully customised packaging to fit your brand.



We follow strict standards and implement procedures to ensure that our products are produced sustainably.